Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

Catalogue of Soundscape Interventions

Example List

A small urban park combining different soundscape elements like the implementation of audio islands. Implemented in 2009.

A pavilion in Zagrebs Forest-park Maksimir century, built to echo sounds especially well. Implemented in 1843.

Based on a soundscape study, an integrated solution to infrastructure and sustainable urban development was created. Implementation started in 1997.

A mechanical installation with musical features that is built into Zadar’s seaside promenade. Implemented in 2005.

A square, positioned between a major trunk road and Sheffield train station, featuring a dynamic system of water fountains and a Cutting Edge sculpture. Implemented in 2006.

An electroacoustic installation placed on the roof of the Kunsthaus Graz museum. Implemented in 2003.

Using Urban Sound Planning for designing and managing a city’s public spaces. Implemented in 2014.