Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

Catalogue of Soundscape Interventions

Example List

A small urban park, combining different soundscape elements like the implementation of audio islands. Implemented in 2009.

A pavilion in Zagreb’s forest-park Maksimir, built to echo sounds especially well. Implemented in 1843.

Based on a soundscape study, an integrated infrastructural solution to promote sustainable urban development was created. Implementation started in 1997.

A mechanical installation with musical features that is built into Zadar’s seaside promenade. Implemented in 2005.

A square, positioned between a major trunk road and Sheffield’s train station, featuring a dynamic system of water fountains and a Cutting Edge Sculpture. Implemented in 2006.

An electroacoustic installation placed on the roof of the Kunsthaus Graz museum. Implemented in 2003.

An approach based on urban sound planning to design and manage a city’s public spaces. Implemented in 2014.

A centrally located park hosting events in an outdoor theatre. Implemented in 2011.

One of the thirteen gardens of the revitalized coastal public city area in Thessaloniki. Implemented in 2014.

A popular urban oasis that was built on top of a sunken freeway. Implemented in 1976.

An installation at Fukushima Pier that transmits the sound of tidal waves from beneath the pier to the promenade above. Implemented in 2000.

An open-air living room that creates a quiet and relaxing place with a musical fountain. Implemented in 1987.

An permanent installation comprised of 39 upturned bells. Implemented in 2002.

An installation designed for exploring music and sound phenomena at an primary school playground in Brooklyn, NY. Implemented in 1996.

An acoustic installation in Sempione Park in Milan. Implemented in 2009.

Five outdoor sculptures that are designed to reflect sunlight and create harmonic musical sounds as they spin in the wind. Implemented in 1997.