Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

Catalogue Of

SOUNDSCAPE Interventions

Our vision

Our aim is to contribute to the conservation and design of positive and meaningful acoustic environments. We believe that conventional noise control approaches do not exploit the full potential of urban soundscapes. Novel methods and interventions can create better soundscape experiences. This project aims to provide a useful repository for everyone dealing with soundscapes. Let’s join forces to create pleasant and healthy acoustic environments!


Soundscape Interventions





About Us

This initiative is led by members of the University College London (Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering) and the Technical University of Berlin (Department of Engineering Acoustics) who have been working for decades in the field of environmental noise assessment, noise control and soundscape. Our activities are supported by the HEAD-Genuit-Foundation.

Soundscape. “We are simultaneously its audience, its performers and its composers.”

R. Murray Schafer, 1997

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Citing Information

If you are interested in referencing our work or citing the information you find here, please use the following citation suggestion in APA style: The CSI Project Team(2023, June 06). The Catalogue of Soundscape Interventions (CSI).


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Photos: urbanidentity, Trond Maag