Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

What is a soundscape intervention?

The term “soundscape”, as it has been established in the area of acoustic ecology, characterizes an “acoustic environment as perceived or experienced and/or understood by a person or people, in context”.1 A soundscape intervention is a site-specific design to preserve or improve a soundscape. There is a broad variety of interventions conceivable to design soundscapes, ranging from micro-scale actions in specific locations like a park, to interventions on a large scale, referring to a whole city quarter. Soundscape interventions are related among other things to a reduction of unwanted noise, to the introduction of pleasant sounds for masking purposes or to the preservation of soundmarks that embody a local identity.

What makes a soundscape intervention unique from a noise control perspective is that it goes beyond reducing noise levels, to instead promoting or improving the quality of a soundscape as a whole. At the end, a combination of different types of soundscape interventions are frequently applied to achieve a significant impact on residents and soundscape visitors.

1 ISO 12913-1:2014



The Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia was implemented in April 2005. Promoted by local authorities, it is a permanent installation. Designed by Nikola Bašić [1].

In the audio example you can hear the sounds created by the pipes of the Sea Organ.



This installation at Sheaf Square in Sheffield, United Kingdom was implemented in 2006. Promoted by residents and local authorities, it is a permanent installation. Designed by Si Applied Ltd.

In the audio example you can hear the sounds created by the water installations at Sheaf Square.


[1] Oberman, T., Jambrošić, K., Horvat, M., & Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci, B. (2020). Using Virtual Soundwalk Approach for Assessing Sound Art Soundscape Interventions in Public Spaces. Applied Sciences, 10(6), 2102.

Photos: Tin Oberman, Xiaochao Chen
Audio: Tin Oberman, recorded September 2017
Entries submitted by: Tin Oberman

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