Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

Fontaine de Milan


Fontaine de Milan in the Parc de Milan, Lausanne was inaugurated in 1969, following a redevelopment in the 1950s with the addition of a circular hedge and a vast pool. This redevelopment was part of a greater plan initated by the Lausanne City Council as early as 1905, which aimed at keeping part of the former Montriond-le-Crêt countryside free of construction. The pool was designed by the engineers Roger Cottier and Jean Fantioli. The name “Place de Milan” refers to the Simplon Tunnel, a structure designed to forge new links between Switzerland and Italy. [1,2]

In the audio one can hear the sound of water emitted by the Fontaine de Milan in the Parc de Milan.

Photos, video, audio: Beat Hohmann. 
Entry submitted by: Beat Hohmann, Claude Thomas