Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention

Water veil


The water veil in Dietikon, near Zürich is a temporary installation at the  bridge Vorstadtbrücke over the river Reppisch, which invites passersby to play and experience. The veil was conceived by the sound artist Andres Bosshard and realized by the metal workshop of David Fuchs [2]. It is part of the project “Quiet Places. Listening Places. Acoustic Quality in the Limmat Valley”, initiated by the Noise Abatement Office of the Canton of Zürich and the Regional Project Show Limmattal, supported by the Swiss Confederation. The veil is planned to stay in place until the end of 2023. 


[1] Cercle Bruit. Mit Brunnen, Bach und Fluss gegen Lärm von Auto, Tram und Bus. Retrieved: 18 July 2023.

[2] Metallatelier GmbH. Ruheorte. Hörtorte.

Photo: Beat Hohmann.
Audio/video: urbanidentity, Trond Maag. 
Entry submitted by: Beat Hohmann, Daniela Hallauer, Regional Project Show Limmattal