Catalogue of Soundscape Intervention



The Schüssinsel park in Biel/Bienne opened to the public in June 2017, following 28 months of construction. The facility is around 53500 square metres in size. The park has attracted attention from experts throughout Switzerland and received multiple awards in recognition of its exemplary design. The Swiss Pedestrian Association awarded the project the “Flâneur d’Or 2017” and the architecture magazine Hochparterre awarded the Biel/Bienne authorities the “Golden Hare” in the landscape architecture category. [1] Designed by: Landscape Architecture Basel; Claude Pahud, Emch+Berger SA, Bienne and initiated by the Biel/Bienne City Council.

Teaser photo before the video begins by Jon Naiman, Espazium [1].


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Entry submitted by: Beat Hohmann.
Photo, audio, video: Beat Hohmann.